Isolde Kanikani

Iwi Studios Manager | Professional dancer


Welcome to the website of Isolde Kanikani. Professional tango dancer and manager at Iwi Studios. Isolde is an innovator and collaborator bringing people from all worlds together. Supporting the growth of others and taking these learning situations into everything she does. Whether it’s in weekly tango lessons that give a fun yet didactically sound base of technique for improving or event organisation. Movement classes for none dancers and dancers alike, introducing individuals to posture and body awareness through exercises taught together but can also be flexibly done at home. Or teaching and touring abroad for teaching and performing. Touching people through all forms of her work and types of relationships that give her constant inspiration. Collaborators, students, family and friends be welcome!

Check out the Dance and Movement page where you will find an easy way to book and pay for classes. You can also see a full view of Isolde’s activities on the agenda page.


Isolde is available for:

Private lessons | Group classes | Teaching abroad | Dj’ing | Performances | Collaborations | Choreography

isolde kanikani